Is Fabletics Worth It?

By Katrina - February 20, 2018

Disclaimer: I have been a full paying Fabletics VIP member for a year. I am not being paid for this review. 

What is Fabletics?
Fabletics is a brand of activewear clothing owned by Kate Hudson. The company operates on a monthly membership program but does offer its clothing for sale without being a member, but you will be paying almost double the price. A membership with Fabletics doesn't cost anything. Once you join as a VIP member with your credit card on file,  you get to choose your first outfit for a significant discount. For example, I got my first outfit for $25 which included a pair of leggings and a matching sport bra. It was a great way for me to test the waters and see if the quality of Fabletics apparel was worth my time since I am extremely picky with my activewear. I like thick, compression material, and none of that slick, plastic feeling stuff.  I have been good with ordering stuff that has been to my liking, but I'm sure Fabletics offers clothing in various materials. 
honest Fabletics review

How does Fabletics work?
You are never forced to buy anything from Fabletics once you are a VIP member but you do have to remember that by the 5th of every month, you will be charged $49.95 that will go into your member credits for use on a Fabletics outfit. If you do not wish to be charged this amount, you simply need to log onto your account (desktop version is best since mobile version could glitch and still charge you), and pres "SKIP THIS MONTH". Once you skip a month, you will not be charged for that month and you can skip as many times as you wish, there is no limit. I've skipped countless months, but did recently skip a month on my phone to find out that I was still charged to my account. I called the Fabletics customer service department and a very nice gentleman helped me with my problem and gave me a full refund for the mistake. He did let me know that just to be safe, I was better off logging onto the desktop version of the website to skip the month because sometimes the mobile website may glitch and they are currently working on fixing this issue. I was not the only one who was having that issue. That is as far as my review would go on the subject of Fabletics customer service. Fortunately, that has been the only issue that I have had, and it was resolved quickly. I have heard that they can be difficult to deal with if they send out an incorrect order, so I would do some more research on that. If I ever have a problem in the future I will be sure to update the information on this post as well.

Is everything on Fabletics $49.95?
No. The outfits vary in price depending on style, and number of pieces to each set. Some sets have three pieces, some may come with a pullover or hoodie, so those cost more than $49.95, sometimes as much as $89.95. Usually outfits cost between $49-$59 on a typical basis and that is what I have been paying for my outfits.

How is the quality?
I'm very satisfied with the quality. I'm a lover of the Lululemon stretch, comfort, and thickness, and I have been able to find this legging in the Fabletics selection, for a fraction of the price. My absolute favorite leggings are Fabletics - High Waisted Powerhold Leggings - which come in many colors. I would compare these leggings to the thick, moisture wicking material that Lululemon uses in their popular leggings. These leggings give me the compression, comfort, and hold that I need to power through an intense workout. I'm not a yoga girl, I lift heavy weights and need all the support I could get.

High-Waisted Solid PowerHold Legging - Papaya

Do new items and collections last?
You have to be quick or some popular items do sell out right from under your fingertips. I don't think fabletics restocks too many items from their older collections either so then you have to wait and hope that the new collection will have cuter styles. I've missed out on the leggings shown above, and during a 50% off sale! I was super bummed!

How is the sizing?
I would say that Fabletics is true to size. I usually get a size small in the leggings and they have fit perfectly. I did get a medium in one top thinking I would need the extra room, but it ended up being too roomy for me. I wish I would have gotten the small. It was a low support bra so either way, I would not be wearing that bra for an intense weight training workout, but it's cute so I wear it around the house. I just pair those leggings with another bra and top. The bra I am wearing with the pink leggings as an outfit has pretty good support and that was a size small. So I just decide the best size depending on the material and cut of the top. 

Final verdict.
I love Fabletics. Is it the only athletic brand I use since becoming a member? No. Since the membership is flexible with the option to skip months as many times as I want to, I have been able to buy clothing from Fabletics only when I am absolutely in love with something. I have not spent a lot of money on Fabletics and I would recommend them to anyone who can moderate their account as often as necessary, if the fear is being charged month after month. 


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  1. Thank you for the review. I didn’t want to get dragged in to a scam or super poor quality product. I’m eager for my pants to arrive. I’m also a high waisted Lulu fan... We’ll see how they compare for a fraction of the cost.