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By Katrina - February 19, 2018

Hey everyone!

Before I continue, I just want to let everyone know that I WAS NOT compensated for this post. I just want to let you guys know about this awesome travel website because I feel like every time I mention this information to someone, they seem so surprised and shocked! So here I am, sharing this with you!

I hope everyone has been having a fantastic week. In this post I would like to share a little hidden gem that I have discovered since my husband and I have decided to plan family vacations out of the US for our family.

I'm sure you all know about Groupon and LivingSocial deals for travel and vacation, and those are great options if they perfectly fit your travel schedule and the airport nearest to your home is actually available for that specific trip. Unfortunately for our family, the online discount website vacations options did not workout. Either the flights had to leave out of NYC, which would have taken our budget back an entire flight and hotel in NYC for three people. It just wasn't practical.

Instead of giving up and just thinking that we had to start saving even more money, I decided to do some digging. I came across a website called (sister site is  At first I was skeptical because every trip I was planning came out to be at least $1,000 less than any other travel site or airline website, and that was just for the flight. So, let me reiterate, I was looking at prices for an ENTIRE TRIP - flight, hotel, flight to second city, and hotel in second city, for the same price as another site would offer me for JUST THE FLIGHT. So when adding in the hotel from another city, Tripmasters was offering me a vacation for at least $1,000 less than any other travel agency could offer.

Here is an image of the website. It is very use friendly and to the point.

Again, I was skeptical, but I continued to read reviews for the site and I found some awesome reviews along with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  Of course you always have your scattering in bad review but it seemed like a lot of the bad reviews were on the error of the customer ;(for example, not paying for the full expense of the vacation and the price changing on them; totally normal. Getting to the destination to find out that some American luxuries are not available in that country; not the fault of TripMasters in any way).

Just to give you some numbers - I booked our 8 night vacation last summer in Paris and Rome for $3,047 for three people. This included a direct flight to Paris out of Miami Intl., 3 star hotel in Paris, a flight out of Paris to Rome, and hotel in Rome. For $3,047, for three people. Go ahead and read that again. Keep in mind, this trip was during the peak of travel season - SUMMER!

Here's a screenshot of my email confirmation with my maiden last name since I have yet to change it everywhere. 

Customize your trip with TripMasters easy to use drop down menus and options. Remember to also customize how many guests would be traveling, in our case it would be 1 room for 2 adults and 1 child. There is an option for this so please keep that in mind when planning and booking your trip. 

So I planned a sample trip here to Budapest and Paris. I just want to show you guys how you can see the various prices for the different days of the week. TripMasters has this option so you can see how the price of your package will change if you choose different days that week. To see days outside of the same week, you would have to go back to the beginning and start your search over, but its a minor pain for having so many options open to you. 

You even have a Find Cheaper Flights and Browse Other Hotels option for each package where you can customize your flights and hotels to better suit your liking. 

When booking my trip last summer, I called other travel agencies like Gate 1 travel, and they couldn't even match the TripMasters price for me on just on the flight alone.

Here are some photos from our trip to Paris and Rome. Our $3,000 total trip!

I love those photos! We had such a fantastic time! Everything went seamlessly. We loved the hotels, the flights were planned our very conveniently, and it left us with only one worry - WHERE TO NEXT?

I recently used TripMasters again to book our next summer trip. We are going to London and Barcelona this summer, and the trip cost me a little over $3,000 this time. I planned ahead, and saved up, booked our trip and printed all of our travel vouchers all ready. We can't wait to make new memories all over the world!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and possibly will consider starting your world adventures with TripMasters in mind!


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