99% Mermaid

By Katrina - April 29, 2018

Tarte has released an amazing new palette for all of us 99% mermaids, and it's beautiful. Tarte Be a Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette. This palette, which is a limited edition, costs $42 and is available everywhere Tarte cosmetics are available. This palette contains 14 shimmery and matte finish shades that are just perfect for looks inspired by the mythological creatures.

Review: I am definitely someone who is obsessed with anything mermaid, unicorn, rainbow, and mystical, and this palette was a must have for me. As far as the shades go, I do notice that some of the shades are very close in color, but still have a uniqueness in shimmer, or rosy hue. I personally did not have any dupes to these colors in my collection, and if I did have something similar, it was in a palette that is probably well expired and has been sitting collecting dust for years.

The packaging itself was enough to reel me in (see what I did there?), but I know many people do not impulse buy based on packaging alone. The shades are well pigmented, and applied smoothly. I loved how they felt on and they did last and stay vibrant the entire day.

I went for a neutral look using this palette but got excited thinking about the rose gold, cranberry, and sea inspired looks I could come up with using these shades. I know I will be reaching for this palette often and I am glad that I bought it. I'm impressed with this palette and a little upset that it is a limited edition. What will I do when I hit pan?

Final verdict: LOVE!

Tarte Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette

Swatch, from left to right: Shore Thing, Lagoon, Splash, Bubbles, Shell Yeah, Shipwreck, Salt Water,  Sandbar, Fin-tastic, Cavern, Mermosa, Beach Please, Frosé, Nude Beach.


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  1. this is currently the palette that i am using everyday!