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By Katrina - April 20, 2018

A little retail therapy was just what I needed, and it's just what I did! Ulta was there for me in my time of need, and had exactly what I needed in stock and shipped quickly like the true MVPs that they are. There were some things that I absolutely needed, and others that I just had to try.

Firstly, I absolutely needed a new way to store my makeup while I am on the go. I am already thinking ahead for our trip to Europe this year, and I don't want to suffer and stuff my beautiful makeup into plastic bags or shove them all into my small makeup case and jam the zipper on brush strands. I remembered that Dulce Candy and Tart + Twine have teamed up and released a gorgeous collaboration of bags. I had to get my hands on the double zip train case. This train case features a zipper compartment specifically for your brushes, and then a large compartment for all of your goodies. It's perfect for me and fo what I plan to us it for. If you're interested in this item, it came be found on Ulta.com or in Ulta stores! ($40.00)

I can't say that I necessarily needed new brushes, but I've always wanted to try the Morphe brushes and this brush set was a steal at $25! Complete with a beautiful rose gold traveling case, I am totally okay with this purchase and can't wait to use these brushes. The funny part about it is that I thought I needed the thinner fluffy brush for my highlighter needs, ended up having one similar, but then broke my larger fluffy brush that I use for bronzer, so now this Morphe brush set has become a necessity and I'm glad I purchased it.

Becca's collaboration with Chrissy Teigen was always a must have item and I just needed to get it before they were all gone. I've been watching videos where Chrissy has ben mentioning the release of a new collection or collaboration with Becca, and I just had to get this before they replaced it with whatever new goodies they have in the works.  This palette is just so beautiful. The colors are quite unique and I don't have any dupes for them in my collection. (Well maybe I would find a dupe if I actually looked hard enough, but is it really worth my happiness? No.)

I picked up two foundations. One is pictured here, and one is still in transit to me and will be arriving on Monday the 23rd. I picked up this Estèe Lauder Double Wear foundation in a color that I matched to myself just from doing a google search, so we will have to see how that works out. I've been reading many incredible reviews about this foundation and I love full coverage. This is known to be one of the most ultimate full coverage foundations out there. I used to be a huge fan of Revlon ColorStay and apparently many people would consider this to be the high end ColorStay foundation. I can't was it to give this a try and see if I like it. I will definitely be starting my opinions on this foundation and compare it to my others. (Currently been using Too Faced Born This Way foundation).

So I did mention that I have another foundation in transit to me, and that foundation is the Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation. I'm really excited about that foundation as well because it just felt so buttery and creamy when I tried it on at the store. I will be doing a full review on my blog using all three of the foundations!

No matter how incredible your foundation coverage may be, your makeup will only look as good as what lies beneath it. Skin care is very important to me and I love trying new skincare lines and products. I purchased these two items from The Body Shop line.

The Body Shop's "Oils of Life"  is a night routine moisturizer which I have already used and loved. It was just for one night so who knows what I will feel about it over time, but when I woke up in the morning, I was impressed with how soft and supple my skin felt.

The Body Shop's Tea Tree face mask is a clay based mask that goes on smooth, feels so clean, and washes away all impurities. I loved how this felt on my skin when I used it and it gives off a slight tingle, that tingle that tea tree oil is known for.

Mac Cosmetics Fix + is a staple item for most makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts and it's quite strange that I had never had this item in my collection. It was a matter of time before this was added to my makeup routine and I will start using it as soon as possible to prep my skin, and set my look.

I have been trying out a few new primers here and there and they are all just something that I still haven't figured out how important they may be to my personal makeup routine. Sometimes I love them, and sometimes I just don't know if id miss them if I just forgot that they exist. So this $7 Maybelline primer seemed like a guilt-free thing to try out. Ive read reviews comparing it to Benefit's POREfessional primer and so why not give it  a try.

I did not have anything like this brush in my brush collection. This brush is unique for its flat and thin bristles. I will use this brush as a means to place setting powder to shape the sharpness of my contour.  I'm super excited to use this because I feel like I've been failing miserably in attempting to use another brush in the way that this brush is meant to be used.

NARS blushes and lipglosses are always going to be special to me. I think NARS Turkish Delight was the first piece of makeup that I ever purchased from Sephora. I really thought I was doing something back then buying some lipgloss. It's always pleasing to me to add more NARS to my makeup collection. I just love the company and the raunchy names they give to their products.

Back in the day, I used to use Revitalash, which facilitates eyelash grown and over time, gives you the natural lashes of your dreams. I loved Revitalash but at $150 a bottle, it wasn't worth it to me anymore. I've been doing some research and I found out about this company, RapidLash, that works the same way as Revitalash, but for a smaller price tag. This product cost me $45 at Ulta and I'm going to give it a try. I'm hoping for the same results that Revitalash had given me. The reviews on this product were very good overall, unless someone had a reaction, which is normal, everyone has different sensitivities.

Happy shopping!


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