Wynwood Walls - Miami

By Katrina - April 01, 2018

Wynwood is a district in Miami dedicated to art and fashion. It's pretty much an outdoor museum lined with beautiful colorful murals created by some of the world's best known street artists. You can also find the streets of Wynwood lined with art galleries showcasing some very expensive art for sale. A popular time to visit Wynwood is during the second Saturday of every month, during Wynwood Art Walk. Art Basel, an annual global arts fair, is another very popular time for visiting Wynwood.

Today, my family and I decided to go explore Wynwood and take in the scenery. We enjoyed tacos at Coyo Taco on the Main Street in the center of Wynwood and walked around taking in the walls. We entered the main Wynwood Walls art exhibit and enjoyed the indoor gallery as well. Some excerpts from the failed Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City were on display and it was interesting to read about the backstory behind the artists vision for this exhibit.

I wore a simple outfit compiled of my favorite light colored Fashion Nova high waisted jeans, topped off with a Ny & Company off the shoulder puff sleeves top, and Chinese Laundry lace up pom pom espadrilles. The bag I chose for today was my Louis Vuitton Noé BB.

Here are some photos of me with my favorite walls and exhibits today. My family and I had a blast spending the day down in Wynwood.

Have you ever been to Wynwood?


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  1. I have been there. I hear its different now. Would you agree? Are some of the walls gone?

    1. Yes it was different. There is a lot of construction going on and some of the famous walls have been knocked down but there are many other beautiful walls still up. Its definitely worth a visit!