Laura Lee Cosmetics Nudie Patootie

By Katrina - May 10, 2018

YouTube sensation, Laura Lee recently dropped a new eyeshadow palette and I just had to get my hands on it after locking my eyes on one particular glittery shade that just captured my attention instantly. I have been obsessed with rose gold toned looks lately, and "Jay Bird" was going to my perfect glittering rose gold to top off my eyelid.

Purchasing the palette is always is. One click and it's delivered right to your front door.  What a time to be alive! The palette can be found on the Laura Lee Cosmetics website at The palette sells for $45 and is easy to find as Laura Lee is currently only selling two palettes, so you can decide between the new Nude Patootie or the Cat's Pajamas palette.

I was very surprised upon received this palette as it is so much larger than I had imagined it would be. It's much larger than the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. This palette is also a nice and sturdy weight. It feels good to hold in your hand and its gorgeous to hold up to your face as you shoot your product photos or YouTube videos as it's such a large and in charge palette. I'm really loving the size. Let's see how much I love the size when it's time to travel and I have to pack.

The colors are beautiful and buttery to the touch. I was worried that the glittery colors would crack during delivery as some customers had experienced, but mine arrived intact and perfect. The glittery colors are actually much smoother than I have anticipated and I am just giddy with excitement to try a look with this palette. I've been catching up on all my favorite YouTube gurus and the looks they have concocted using this palette and I'm going to try to either recreate my favorite or do my own. I'm just worried my own will be another rode gold tones look which I feel like I've been doing a lot of lately. I want to switch it up. Either way, I can't go wrong with this palette as it's just so gorgeous and I know I will have fun no matter what kind of a look I decide to do.

Do you plan in buying the Laura Lee Cosmetics Nudie Patootie palette?


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