Travel Diary : Barcelona, Spain

By Katrina - July 30, 2018

Barcelona, Spain was the second and final stop on our overseas family vacation for the summer of 2018. What a city Barcelona is! We fell in love as soon as the Barcelona sun touched our smiling faces. I say this because our first night in Barcelona was not so pleasant, and I'll tell you about our experience so that you know what to expect in case you arrive to this beautiful city on an evening flight.

We arrived to Barcelona at around 10pm and got through customs pretty quickly. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to find the metro, which is difficult to do in an airport that looks like its on the verge of closing. I followed signs that directed towards the train/metro, both symbols were together. I knew we might need to board a train to get to a more central location in Barcelona before we can hop in the metro, but there as nobody around to ask! We arrive to the train stationed there is a train currently boarding with a departure time in 2 minutes! We quickly bought tickets with the help of one of the groundsmen who directed us to take the train and get off on the third stop. We definitely have a huge communication gap but the groundsman was so friendly and really wanted to help us. I knew once we were in a more central location in the city center I would be able to figure my way around. What didn't help was that iMaps on my iPhone did not have public transportations maps for the city of Barcelona and was suggesting that I download some other apps that would be able to help me. Those apps were great, but they don't locate your currently location and they cannot detect the nearest metro station to an address that you are looking for.

We ended up hopping off the train at the 3rd stop as directed, and we walked up the stairs onto the street. We walked right behind a family that traveled via plane and train with us and also had trouble communicating and needed help with directions. The funny thing is that we continued to run into this family at different tourist locations throughout our stay in Barcelona. It was crazy!

As we took our steps out of the metro station...we were amazed. We exited the Passeig de Gràcia metro station with our luggage in tow, and couldn't help but take a few moments to snap pictures and take in all the beauty of the gorgeous Casa Batlló that stood just across the street from us.

We finally arrived to our hotel at 1 am after pulling our luggage for 2 miles through the cobblestone lines sidewalks and streets. As we walked past the metro station directly located beside our hotel, I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head.

The crazy struggle through the streets of Barcelona the night before did not interfere with us waking up early and getting ready to hit the streets to explore all the Barcelona had to offer. We had Park Güell on our to-do list and we were set to go. Using the apps that were suggested by iMaps came unhandy now since I knew the metro stations that was closest to me, and finding a major tourist location was no problem. The hike up to the park was tough in the hot sun, but we made the most of it by having some fun races along the way. My 9 year old son particularly enjoyed this. One thing to keep in mind when planning your trio to Park Güell is to get your tickets in advance. We had to wait an hour or two before we were allowed inside the park due to our park tickets being available only for that time. The park only allows a few people in at a time. Just get your tickets in advance online at the official Park Güell website and you will be good to go!

In the photos you can see the gorgeous and colorful art-meets-architecture by Gaudi, as well as the gorgeous landscape of Barcelona in the background. The land meets the sea in the most beautiful setting. If you look closely in my photos you can also see the Sagrada Familia church in the background as it is still under construction. This construction has been going on for 100 years! We walked from Park Güell to the Sagrada Familia church. It is about a mile and half walk and it is pretty scenic! Along your walk you will see the beautiful hilltops in the distance and can see the beautiful Tibidabo church sitting gorgeous at the top of a green lined hill.

What I wore : yellow floral print dress - Forever 21
Bag - Louis Vuitton Sperone BB
Shoes - Strappy sandals from Target

Real life gingerbread houses!

You can see the Sagrada Familia Bascilica in the background. We actually walked from Park Güell to there which was about a mile and a half. 

Sagrada Familia Church

The next day we decided to head over to the beach and enjoy our time there. We took to the metro again and got off at Barceloneta. The beach was a quick walk from the metro station. We passed interesting alleys full of clotheslines and music. We got to the beach and discovered the difference in the texture of the sand in comparison to our very finely milled Florida sand. Barceloneta Beach sand has larger granules which accumulate into rocks as you get closer to the water, so you have to be careful with your step. The water was a bit chilly even in the 90+ degree heat, but also very clear and such a beautiful turquoise color. I could just sit and stare at it all day.

We walked along the beach until we reached the gorgeous marina and bridge. We walked along the bridge and were surprised at how the bridge is not lined with railings, so if you're not careful, you could easily go overboard right into the middle of the bay.

We continued to walk down to Las Ramblas, which is a quick walk from the beach. Barcelona is very intimate and you would be surprised at how quickly you can walk yourself from one location to the next. A quick down Las Ramblas, and multiple souvenir shops later we were chasing pigeons at Plaça de Catalunya which is a large square and where the old and new Barcelona meet.

We fell in love with Barcelona and we can't wait to return. We have even made friends and we will be keeping in touch with them while we make future plans to return for more fun.

Barcelona, we love you!


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  1. Barcelona is my favorite city in the whole world. The most beautiful city that I have ever visited. Im so glad that you enjoyed your trip there. I want to go back and will convince my fiancé to take me there again soon.

    1. Yes, it is such A GORGEOUS CITY! We truly fell in love there!

  2. Looks like you all had an amazing trip . Barcelona is such a beautiful place ,hope to visit Spain again in future . Lovely breathtaking pictures .

    1. Thank you! We did have such an amazing time! We are already planning to go back! Thank you for the compliment on my photos! :-)