Dr. Dennis Gross Facial Steamer

By Katrina - August 02, 2018

Steam has been an important part of my skincare routine ever since I discovered a steam room at my local LA Fitness gym. After my workout, I would rinse my face, apply a mask, and head into the steam room to get my skin dilated and ready for a nice deep pore cleansing afterwards. My favorite reason for steaming is that it's so relaxing. I mean...can we take a moment to look at how relaxed I look in this first photo? It makes me want to go steam my face again. 

Steaming my face and body in the steam room is great and all, and I still do it, but I always imagined how awesome it would be to do steam my face at home where I have all of my skin products and tools that I could use. I started making homemade steamers by boiling water and adding essential oils and herbs, but I would always end up with some kind of discomfort, whether it comes with me touching the pot and burning my hand, or the ache in my lower back from standing over the pot in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time.

I discovered the Dr. Dennis Gross Personal facial steamer on Sephora and added it to my cart without hesitation. As soon as it arrived and I unboxed the personal steamer, it has been a staple item in my skincare routine. I don't use my steamer everyday, but I do include it in my skincare routine anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week.

Steam has many benefits. The warm steam causes skin to sweat and opens pores and softens up your surface layer of dead skin and releases any dirt and build up such as blackheads and debris. This dirt and debris would have otherwise been trapped in your skin and may have caused a breakout.

Another reason that steam is beneficial to skin is when you use a mask. Some masks tend to dry out, and once they are dry, your skin no longer can absorb anything from the mask. Keeping the mask and your skin moist allows your skin to continue to get those skin nourishing ingredients that it needs.  The mask I typically use when I steam my face is either a Noxzema facial cleanser/mask, rose hip masks, or cucumber tonic masks.

The Dr. Dennis Gross steamer is the perfect size for easy storage. It needs to be plugged in with the attached power cord so there are no batteries to charge or replace. The cord is attached and does not remove so you can misplace it. The steam release is a nice continuous stream of steam that you can align to your face either by holding the base of the steamer or by placing it on a table and sitting comfortably with your face in the line of steam. The tank holds enough water to provide for 7-9 minutes of steam. I have heard that the previous models of this steamer help more water for a steam time of about 15 minutes, but I don't mind refilling the tank if I feel as thought I need more steam or just want to steam longer for personal preference or relaxation. Refilling the tank is super quick and easy and the steam starts flowing pretty quickly once the steamer is turned on by pushing the switch to the on position.

The steamer sells on the Sephora website or directly from the Dr. Dennis Gross website for $150.00.

Is steaming a part of your skincare routine?


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