Summer Simplified Table Setting

By Katrina - August 01, 2018

Every season I change up my table setting. I wish I would have blogged about my Spring table setting because it was probably my favorite setting that I have ever put together, but unfortunately I did not capture any of it in a blog worthy way. The focus of my spring table setting were bunnies and carrots, and I had the cutest bunny shaped napkin rings that I purchased from QVC

For summer I decided to keep it simple and clean. I wanted to stay within my dining room color scheme and add a pop of color to that. Grey napkins added to a bright turquoise, blue, and yellow palette looked so beautiful and gave off a big summer vibe. To complete this look it took a quick trip to my local Home Goods which had everything that someone with home decor in mind could ask for. In the dining section I found the most beautiful set of small decorative plates that give off a gorgeous crystal appearance with their textured bottoms. I couldn't believe the price, all 4 plates in a set for $7.99! The place mats cost me $9.99 for the set of 4 and were the perfect color for what I had in mind. They had many other color options also, such as a gorgeous darker blue shade that I had considered. I also picked up the napkins and napkins rings during a Home Goods run previously for under $10 each. 

The plates that I used for my simple table setting were plates that I had in my china cabinet. I purchased them about 2 years ago from Kohl's. I started my search for my simple summer table setting based around those plates, so if you have great plates sitting around your house, its easy to create a simple, yet clean and aesthetic table setting based around the color palette or design of those plates. You don't always have to go out and buy something new. Use what you already have! 

All together my simple summer table setting cost around $50 in total! 

I can't wait to show you guys what I do for fall! I definitely go a little further with my fall table setting, but it's just such a fun season! 


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