The Puffy Shirt

By Katrina - November 25, 2018

This shirt reminds me of that one episode of Seinfeld where Jerry Seinfeld is wearing this puffy shirt that he refers to as a "pirate shirt". Kramer and another woman start a clothing line and Jerry is going to model the puffy shirt because the pirate trend is going to the next big thing according to their style predictions. The episode is hilarious and every time I wear this shirt I think of it. This style had a huge comeback when Gucci reintroduced the puffy shirt, and many other clothing brands started to follow along.

I did some early cyber Monday shopping today. KKW Fragrances dropped at all Ulta stores nationwide today for a limited time. I have purchased one KKW Fragrance around Valentine's Day when KKW released her adorable V-day hearts perfumes. I loved the BFF one and went for it due to the scent of marshmallow and vanilla tones that were in it. The downside is that you can't smell the fragranced before you buy them, but the V-day collection was $35 and that doesn't really hurt. Luckily I love the fragrance and it is one of my staple scents. KKW Fragrances have released a Crystal collection and a Kimoji collection, but I could never decide which ones I wanted, and not being able to smell them to see if I liked them totally turned me away...until now! I headed down to my local Ulta and smelled to my little hearts desire! I decided that I must have the Crystal Gardenia scent, and I actually picked it up. I also have my heart set on the Kimoji peach scent. It was so fresh and fruity.

The KKW Crystal Gardenia scent hit a high note with me. I knew I just had to buy it right away because it reminded me of the scents I was around when I traveled to the Cote d'Azur in France.  Women there smell divine. Every woman I walked past had a lingering, beautiful scent. I couldn't pinpoint if it was a scent of jasmine, honeysuckle, or gardenia. When I smelled the KKW Crystal Gardenia, it smelled so similar to what I dreamed about in France, that I just had to have it. I'm going to douse myself in it and walk round like those gorgeous French women down the streets of Cannes.

How was your day? Did you buy anything during the cyber Monday sales? Or perhaps on Black Friday?


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