Travel Diary - The French Riviera

By Katrina - November 05, 2018

I was so lucky to travel to enjoy life on the Côte d'Azur in the south of France for the past 10 days. What a dream this place is! From the moment that our plane was approaching Nice airport, the views from our window were straight out of a painting. 

I was nervous about driving in France, but renting a car ended up being the best decision. Exploring the south go France by car was such a treat and I recommend getting a rental car if you plan to travel there. Driving is not that intimidating, and the traffic is quite slow and mellow in comparison to traffic in the Us, at least that's what it felt like to me. Driving in the south of France is relaxing and the views are to jaw dropping. You have to make sure to keep your attention on the road. Also the constant round-a-bouts every 50 meters can be annoying. 

We got a hotel room in Cannes. Our hotel was at a very central location in Cannes and we only had to walk across a street to get to all that Cannes had to offer. We did some shopping and ate at amazing restaurants along the coast. We had a blast and I'm so glad that I made the decision to stay off the tournament site and instead get a hotel room which is about a 35 minute drive away. The drive was a breeze and the organization of the tournament made it easy to know when to be on site and when free time was available. 

My trip to the Côte d'Azur was not for leisure. My son was playing in a high level International tennis championships at one of the most famous tennis academies in the world. This trip was a treat because despite the tough competition and awesome matchplay, we did get some off days to enjoy the south of France and be tourists. 

The tournament facility was beautiful and very resort like. We didn't stay on site, instead getting a hotel room in Cannes. I knew I would be getting a rental car and I'd rather have the freedom to drive and explore by foot nearby our hotel room, than be stuck on site. I'm glad we stayed off site and got to walk across the street to enjoy all of the pleasures of Cannes right outside of our doorstep. 

Exploring Cannes

Cannes was a real treat. The ambiance was a bit gloomy due to the weather but the city really shines despite being coated in the thick haze of rain. We explored new and old Cannes and got to enjoy walking along some of the high end retailers that jeweled the streets. We strolled along until we reached old Cannes and took in the view of the sail boats afloat along the strip of painting-like buildings lined up. Cannes felt like we were walking into a painting. The buildings were beautiful light airy colors of yellows and pinks, and the cobblestone streets added a hint of charm. We trekked along the path that led to the Museu de la Castre which is a castle located at the hill top in Cannes. The hike up the stairs is well worth the view. 

Exploring Nice.

On one of our days off we took a quick train ride down to Nice. The train ride was about 45 minutes from Cannes and quite relaxing with gorgeous views of the sea. When we arrived to Nice we explored the beautiful old town and had some fun shopping. The shops in Nice were very quaint and cute. We gobbled down Macarons and watched as the trick or treater went from store to store. 

The French Riviera was incredible. Very picturesque and vivid. The shore was home to some of the bluest waters that I have every seen. Nice was very welcoming and friendly. My son and I felt safe and welcomed wherever we ventured. The Côte d'Azur is charm personified. With Monaco just minutes away, this is must-see location and definitely one to add to your bucket lists!


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