Sephora Haul - Huda New Nude Palette

By Katrina - December 03, 2018

It's the holiday season and I lured myself into Sephora to scope out all of the holiday gift sets, mini sets, fragrances, and all the other goodies. I was also hoping to get to swatch any Huda palettes that were on display at Sephora and luckily the New Nude palette was on display, and there was one left for sale. I swatched the glittering shades, fell in love, and quickly grabbed a hold of my very own palette to take home. Having a little security device attached to the palette, the slightest jolt of me lifting it out of the display case set the device off to embarrass me throughout the entire store as I kept shopping since no workers even batted an eye. Finally, someone approached me to assist and allowed me to leave the palette at the front counter while I continued to shop, so I could save myself the embarrassment of walking around Sephora with a beeping and blinking palette.

I also decided to pick up a lip gloss from Anastasia Beverly Hills because clearly having 76 other pink shades to choose from at home is just not enough. At this point, this is becoming a collection and just acquiring more shades of pinks and nudes is like a game...that one can never win.

The Fenty Beauty counter was another big hit. Rihanna has hit said gold with the release of her incredible beauty line. Every item perfectly curated and thought through. I decided to get myself the Diamond Bomb and be that girl that leaves behind a little glitter everywhere she goes. The diamond bomb glitter is so finely milled and buttery to the touch, I know I will use it. I have been looking for something that will give me that glimmering glow. This summer was all about the glowing oils, but my long hair, and living in South Florida, puts an end to that fun real quick.

I enjoyed my little retail therapy session and have quenched my holiday thirst for Sephora goodies. I will be sharing my little haul from Kylie Cosmetics on here as well so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, I will be doing a look and swatches using this palette and the lip gloss that I picked up. I'm excited to share!


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