Pop The Cork - 2019!

By Katrina - January 01, 2019

Happy New Year!

Here's to a fresh new start in a new year to make your dreams a reality by accomplishing one goal at a time. 2018 has been a fantastic year and I'm extremely grateful to have the opportunities that I have had. I wanted to ring in 2019 with my sparkliest ensemble! I chose to wear my crystal embellished pants from HotMiamiStyles.com.  These are currently still available and were about $60. They sparkle so intensely and it reminded me of how intense my need to fulfill my dream is.

2018 was the year where I realized that I have so much more potential than I am using and I decided to take an online course and study real estate. I'm taking this course with the goal of passing the state exam to receive a sales associates license. Real estate has been an interest of mine for quite some time, even before my husband and I bought our own home. I smile when I think about being able to find people their dream homes, and making a living while I'm doing it. It's something that will challenge me, push me to my fullest potential and provide opportunities for growth through my own efforts. So, for the past month, that has been the scene at my dining table as I sit and study for hours daily.

Change can be scary, but it's necessary for growth, and to really figure out what you're good at. I'm so excited for 2019 and I'm starting to lay the foundation to get my goals rolling.

I have also decided to incorporate a career/goal section into my blog where I can keep you updated on how I'm doing through my course, exams, and even when I get started in the real estate world. I'd like to share any tips that I feel have worked for me from the start. I have already been doing a lot of reading on the topic, and a lot of business careers stem from motivation, and networking. I'm excited and ready! 2019...let's do this! 

Another goal of mine for 2019 is to star consistent with m workouts. I have been going to the gym about 3 times a week and I would like to continue and start to add in harder and more challenging workouts. I have seen a significant change in my body since consistently going to the gym, but I feel like I'm at the last stretch of reaching my fitness goals, and this will be crunch time...'literally". Also, I noticed that with all the weight training I've been doing, I've been skipping out on cardio and my stamina is horribly low. Sometimes I can't even keep up with my son when we play tennis. I need water breaks to catch my breath and he just keeps running circles around me, and asking me if I'm ready yet. "*breathes heavily*...No, honey. Mommy needs 5 whole minutes to rest, baby...*breathes heavily*" I started reintroducing the stair master into my cool down. I got a little too confident on day 1 and thought I'd be able to do 30 minutes without holding on with my hands....10 minutes in, the burn was too much to bear. I could be disappointed in myself, but instead I find it a challenge to get back in stamina shape and not exceed 45 minutes on the stair master because I don't want to lose any muscle mass. I also do the bike on very high resistance in intervals. 

2019! I am so excited for you! 

Do you have any New Year's goals or resolutions?


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  1. This is great that you're making some career moves. I'm proud of you and you inspire me to do more as well.